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Implementing Krah Pipe Production Technology needs a discipline of initiation, planning and executing of work to achieve the expected success.

The major fears of the investors are to invest their capital for a product, where the market didn’t provides feasible values for his investment. In the most of the cases the large diameter pipe market is dominated by concrete or similar rigid pipes. Project designers are generally not very open to implement new developed engineered pipes or technologies for large diameters, which provides approved environmental friendly and cost effective solutions.

We as Krah have focused our attention on this matter to develop projects corporately with the engineers and consulters for various large diameter pipe projects in several countries. We achieved a great success story with our efforts around the world for implementing Krah Pipes in the upcoming large diameter pipe projects. Especially the helical extrusion process enables the pipe producer to manufacture tailormade solutions for all dimensions up to DN 4000! The wall structure of the pipe, can be solid wall or profiled wall – depending on the requirements of the projects. So it’s a huge cost effective solution, to use the exact calculated Ringstiffness (ISO Standard 9969) or pressure rate of the pipe which is required in the projects.

We have published our Krah Handbook for large diameter plastic pipe applications with many case studies and technical reports, which is a mirror of our project development efforts in large diameter matters.

If you don't have a handbook, you can purchase it from:

Krah Pipe Producers have taking a great part of developing in such projects and achieved their expected goals for production output! Today we have in more than 28 countries Krah Pipe Production Plants and through our Krah Community the Krah Pipe Producers have established a “Krah Family” for supporting each other with experience and knowledge.

Be unique and different for your success with Krah Technology!